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Monday, 1 June 2009

The Long Arm of Gibraltar

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Last month we were walking the Rock of Gibraltar. I was wearing a poorly deigned but stylish pair of loafers. We walked a LOT further than I had expected up and down the mountain and the heel pain caused by something called Plantar Facilitits flared up again in a moderate way. Then I fell off an elevated sidewalk onto some broken concrete and damaged my camera which died three days ago of its wounds.

Yesterday morning we hit the courts for tennis. I was only trailing by 4-3 when I heard and felt something rip in my heel while going after a tough return. The pain was enough to bring out a sweat. The same thing happened last June and it took about three months to get the pain down enough to play tennis again.

What we mainly do is hike, play tennis, read and cook. We skipped the planned airshow with the Thunderbirds and I spent the day alone resting my foot and reading a trashy Stepanie Plum novel called "Twelve Sharp". Mrs. Phred called in the afternoon to tell me that she was lost somewhere in Las Cruces and that the GPS was broken. I directed her attention to the map of Las Cruces I had left on the back seat and wished her luck.

Today we ride into El Paso to buy the special Z-Coil spring shoes that may hasten my recovery and maybe another GPS. The shoes aren't designed for sports that require lateral foot movement, like tennis.

With extra time on my hands I investigate the PhD programs offered here by the University of New Mexico. One interesting program is Astronomy. I also find a job for a CPA, but it's 50 miles away in El Paso. This would be a bad time to take a job from someone who needs one.

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  1. you and stephanie that is something I would have never guessed.

    and where is the picture of you in your new shoes?....sil