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An irregular marking on the exterior of Native American pottery: usually resulting from burning fuel coming in direct contact with the vessel during firing

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Southern Carriers

Smithers, British Columbia

The Southern Carrier Indians lived in this part of British Columbia for thousands of years.

When a Southern Carrier man died, his woman had him cremated and carried his ashes in a packet on her back for a full year. During that time she did not have any romantic relationships.

I suggest to Mrs. Phred that we might consider converting to this philosophical basis of behavior but she shows little interest.

The small towns we are stopping in all have interesting trails. In Quesnel the trail runs along the Fraser River which contains 20 foot long, 2,000 pound white sturgeon. Historical information is displayed frequently along the five mile trail which crosses though town and comes back down the Quesnel River to the confluence of both rivers.

We should be in Hyder, Alaska later today. They have lots of bears there and a beautiful glacier called the Salmon Glacier.

We took a side trip to Barkersville, an old gold mining town which has been abandoned and then restored for tourists.

Chinese people were imported to help with the mining and we listen for awhile to an imported lady Chinese tour guide explain how the Chinese lived here and interacted with the Europeans.

We eat at the Chinese restaurant. The sweet and sour soup is silky and very good...the dinners...not so much...

I roll Mrs. Phred about a mile uphill and then back down will be good when her broken foot heals and we can hike together and play tennis again.

Get away from that waterwheel, Phred. You know you don't know nuthin' about machinery....

This is the view coming into Smithers. We stay at a Municipal Campground and I hike for 90 minutes in the morning.

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