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Monday, 22 July 2013

Homer Spit, Alaska

The Gulf of Alaska

This is it. This is where I intended to go when we hit the road seven weeks ago. Homer is the halibut capital of the world.

Yeah, so I caught this big salmon up on the Kenai river after I replaced my fishing line. Wild salmon is ok and healthy, but all my best recipes are for halibut.

Last night we had ultra fresh halibut on the charcoal grill. I seasoned it only with salt, pepper and lemon pepper.

I'm going out again today and on Wednesday. Yesterday on the "Sizzler" I limited out with two big halibut in five minutes and watched all the bad fishermen struggle for the next two hours.

 The tides up here are about 25 feet.

The homer spit is a narrow strip of land about five miles long extending across the mouth of a bay at the bottom of the Kenai Peninsula. I think it might have been formed from the terminal morain of a big glacier...I'll check that later.

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