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Monday, 9 July 2012

London: It's Only Rock and Roll

London, England

The two hour ride from Chipping Norton goes smoothly as it is Sunday morning with light traffic. The Hertz people are good about crediting my billl for the GPS rental. Brooke orders a banana split for breakfast. She claims she thought is was a health food dish.

We buy tickets for the hop on and off. It's raining again at times.

Our first stop is 221B Baker street to see where Sherlock Holmes used to live. I wonder what he would have concluded about 2012 had he seen the new T-shirt store accross the street from his home? The shirts are very nice, but at $40 a copy I have to pass.

The3 bus is very slow because they have closed central London for a race. Eventually we find our way to the Tower Bridge built in the late 1800s to look older than it really is.

The3 Belfast is docked in the river. It was built in 1938 and helped sink the battleship Scharnhorst.

The Tower Bridge.

Bubbye and the kids spend a few hours in the Tower of London. Some of the old kings kept exotic beasts here. They were all eventually sent to the London Zoo when the old castle became too expensive to heat.

City Hall

This is the new London Bridge. I remember playing "London Bridge is falling down" with cousins in 1948. The old bridge we have seen in Arizona.

The Eye.

Big Ben and Parliment.

Westminster Abbey.

Taylor Skypes his parents at 9PM.

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  1. Ah London...must be feeling sad as this means it is almost over...but it looks like all of you had a wonderful time....

    we are at Flaming Gorge for the week... SIL