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An irregular marking on the exterior of Native American pottery: usually resulting from burning fuel coming in direct contact with the vessel during firing

Friday, 6 July 2012

York: No Fly Tipping!

York, England

We pack some dirty laundry in a backpack and take the Park-and-Ride bus into York.

Our first stop is Clifford's Tower and the Museum of York.

York still has lots of walls and Clifford's tower looks about the same.

We buy a ticket on the double-deck red sight-seeing bus and ride around York,

We have roast beef sandwiches in a pub near the cathedral.

Yorkminster Cathedral is closed for a ceremony so we walk about a mile outside the walls to the nearest open Laundromat and wash clothes. In an alley behind the Laundromat is a sign over a dumpster that says "No Fly Tipping" The sign says the penalty for unauthorised use of the dumpster is 50,000 pounds and/or six month in jail. Another sign says that a CCTV camera is in use. Probably a second offence would bring deportation to Australia.

We return to Yorkminster, but it closed again for another service. Mrs. Phred demands to see inside anyway so they let her and the kids past.

Today we drive to Oxford. Maybe we'll see some sights on the way.

The new GPS is developing a large unreadable black spots. I may dispute the purchase with my credit card issuer.


  1. Hard to believe that Mrs. Phred "demands" to go inside....was it worth it?....sil :)

  2. Those sammies look good! Roast Beef, yum!