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Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Giant's Causeway

We drove from Galway to Belfast two days ago. Taylor wanted to see Benbulben Mountain. He said it was famous. There it is in the backgrond.

I forgot that you change from Euros to Pounds in Northern Ireland. I ended up with a pocketful of Euro coins which are not exchangable.

We see some good seascapes along the north coast.

The Giant's Causeway  has these hexagonsl coluns of rocks that are formed by volcanic activity. These are formed when basalt cools quickly and give the impression of artificial construction.

The columns are formed during rapid cooling and shrinking of basalt lava. The Devil's Postpile in California and Devil's Tower in Wyoming have similar columns.

Near the Gint's causeway is a rope bridge that hangs 100 feet out to an island. The bridge was originslly used by fishermen to check salmon traps. Unfortunately the salmon are an endangered species now.

Back in Galway, I met a young man who went on about the potato famine, Cromwell and diminishing Irish population. He suggested walking this rope bridge for an adrenaline thrill.

Taylor jumps up and down on the bridge. The Warden blows a whisle at him. As I pass the Warden he says, "You'll have your hands full with those two.".

We end up in central Belfast next to this old Tobacco company.

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