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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Edinburgh: Tea for 8,000

Edinburgh, Scotland

This is a picture of a 1938 Triumph. The rider, who is preparing to board the ferry to scotland, claims to be older than the bike.

The Hertz people in Heathrow rented this damaged GPS to me for three weeks. After it broke the first time they patched it back together and rented it to me for three weeks at a cost that was higher than what I paid for a new English GPS in Bath.

We spotted this old Abbey on the road to Edinburgh.

This is our hotel. Taylor has haggis, tatties and neaps for dinner.

Taylor wants to see the Saint Giles cathedral.

We wander up and down the Royal Mile sevaral times.

Mel Gibson was visiting.

We visit the castle.

A stop for ice cream.

The Royal Museum of Scotland is free. We loved it.

We see the 8,000 leaving the queen's tea party. Many of them wore kilts.

Weeds on a construction site.

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  1. looks like you are liking Scotland...I love the building with the flowers....sil...we are in Idaho for the 4th... near the wyoming border...