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Friday, 9 May 2014

Venice, Italy

We take the regional train from Cinque Terra to Milan and another train to Mestre, just outside Venice.

It's kind of neat that when I put the pix from both I phones in one directory and then rename all the photos in one batch, that they end up being arranged by time down to the second. So when Mrs Phred and I take pictures of each other, they are only 2 seconds apart and right together.

The walk to the train in Mestre is about a mile from our apartment so we take the number 7 bus that stops just outside.

The bus is fairly sardine-like so on the 3rd day we decide to do a day trip to Verona and then move in to Venice for days 4, 5 and 6.

Lots of canals, gondolas, pizza and bridges.

We stroll down toward San Marco and stop to introduce ourselves to Sergio, a friend of Mrs. Phred's sister, who owns a wonderful restaurant.  He invites us in for a glass of wine, and we share a few stories.

Sergio's restaurant is the Bistro de Venice which Frommers lists as one of the best place to eat in Venice. We make reservations for Monday at 7  PM.

There is a five course dinner available with traditional regional foods.

HE  suggests that we explore a quiet section of Venice where the real people live and hang out their laundry.

I should have a happier look...that gelato is good.. Stupid spell check can't spell gelato!!!

I think I ran out of things to say before I ran out of pictures...

Our apartment WiFi kept failing so I'm way behind on my blog.

My apologies to my faithful reader...or maybe now there's more than one?

If you have to ask what a gondola ride costs, don't take one.

Wine is only about a euro a bottle in the grocery store, but the restaurants mark it up about 1600 percent.

This mask was only 350 euros. If I had a house and a bigger suitcase, I might've bought it for a wall or for Halloween...

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