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Friday, 23 May 2014

The Most Dangerous Thing in a Combat Zone

Is an officer with a map.

We split up in Budapest in the morning. Mrs. Phred wants to do the Synagogue tour and I want to see the Terror Museum which discusses the excesses of the Arrow Cross movement during WWII and the Soviet occupation which ended in 1981..

 In the afternoon we get together and walk across the Danube to Buda. We take the funicular to the top and eat lunch in a quiet restaurant in a courtyard not frequented by tourists.

 Most everything we see has been rebuilt after being reduced to rubble by allied bombing.

 The Hungarian Parliament on the Danube. .

 Both the Nazis and the Commies used the building that houses the Terror Museum as a place to interrogate subversives. A lot of people disappeared here.

 437,000 Jews were sent from Budapest to Death camps in the final days of WWII.

 Mrs. Phred's Synagogue pictures are very beautiful.

 This is a symbolic tree with the names of a few of the victims.

The Arrow Cross people were very nasty. To save bullets they would tie a bunch of Jews together and shoot one and let him drag the rest into the Danube.

It will be so wonderful to be home again on Sunday...

 Mrs. Phred does not really care for Hungarian plum brandy.

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