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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Levanto - Bonassola - Framura Hike

The track that went from La Spezia to Sestri Levante  was completed in 1874 and abandoned in 1971. The old railroad workers blasted and dug miles of tunnel though hard rock on the edge of the sea. Then they lined the tunnels with large blocks of stone forming graceful arches. As we walk, I guess that the workers who built all this are long dead. The trail is about 3 miles long.

A number of stations were built along the line and each had a cafe, bar, garden, newstand and goldfish tank.

In 2011 the line was resurrected as a hiking/biking trail with about equal amounts of long tunnel and ocean views.

There are several diving operations here. The water is blue and clear. Lots of shipwrecks.

This is the biggest RV we've seen in Europe

The tunnels are well lighted and mostly dry. In one spot a trickle of water has formed these limestone deposits over the last 140 years.

In the evening we stroll around Levanto again and pack for the morning train ride to Venice.

There's a ferry that runs up and down the coast. If we had another day, We would take it for the views of the villages..

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