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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Liverpool: I Am The Eggman

Liverpool, England

The Beatles taxi-tour guy is named Danny. We spend five hours trying to outdo each other at dropping names.

Danny tells me that he met Jim Morrison and I tell him that Jim was my roommate.

This is the Liverpool Catholic Cathedral. It looks a lot like the Apollo command module.

Danny likes the Grateful Dead. I tell him I heard them play at a free concert in Golden Gate Park in 1965. It goes on like that all morning. He's a likeable guy.

Ringo grew up in the row of houses straight ahead. The Empress was on the cover of his first solo album.

We see a lot of Penny Lane stuff. Most of the street signs get stolen by fans.

This is Freddy Mercury's apartment on Penny Lane.

John spent a lot of his childhood hanging out with the orphans in a place called Stawberry fields.

I loan my camera to Brooke and end up with 159 pictures. The new camera takes a 14 meg shot so the old one gig card is soon full.

This is Johns childhood home.

This is Danny. He went to drink beer and play in his band after dropping us off. We makethe ferry to Holyhead after a two hour drive and sleep in Dublin.

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  1. looks like you really did "beatledom" very thoroughly....thanks for the ride..sil