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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Parguera, Puerto Rico

Bar Harbor, Maine

Sitting here in Bar Harbor, I start to remember the diving I've done since hitting 50. . Since 1995, I've been spending a couple of weekends each year in La Parguera, Puerto Rico, diving the wall with Captain Angel.

I went to San Juan, Mayaguez, Caguas, Aricebo and Ponce on business, helping one of our subsidiaries though their audit in September and installing and upgrading computers, new software, local area networks, telephone equipment and wide area networks.

There were lots of problems with computers broken in shipment, power failures and burned out electronics. Eventually I had all six of the Puerto Rico offices interconnected to each other, Tampa and the National Office in Atlanta by a wide area network. When we started they didn't have a single computer.

The picture above is Captain Angel. One of the fringe benefits of my side duties on the island was always a diving weekend in Parguera. I took Mrs Phred there a couple of times. My last time I took my son. Once I took a strange consultant named "Bob" from Chicago when we changed accounting systems. When I went online to book a dive trip today, I found that Angel closed down last January. It is a shame. He is a nice young man with a lovely wife and two young children. Sometimes he would get a call on the boat and smile and say that the baby just had a bowel movement. He had a nice life running dive trips out to the wall. I had hoped that he would succeed.

The dives were among the best I've done. They started at about 60 feet and went down a coral covered wall with lots of fish and eels.

There is a last time for everything. Due to the tenuous nature of existence, we can never be sure when it's happening. I'm going to miss the Parguera Divers polo shirts and the rainbows over the phosphorescent mangrove bay.

I'll really miss the cool Parguera Divers polo shirts with the little neon fish logo.

My son enjoyed the last trip. He's a poet/lawyer/guitar player with (so far) six very handsome and well-behaved children. I'm not biased about that in any way about that.

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