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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Does This Shirt Make Me Look Fat?

Thousand Islands, New York

We've moved 300 miles North in New York to the Saint Laurence River. I'm looking for advice from my readers (if any).

I've always loved to read. When I was a little fat kid with smelly hair back in Tampa, I would ride my Schwinn five miles to downtown to the old library and fill my basket with science fiction. I had to ride past the old hobo camp on the river, which bothered my mother. Mary's used bookstore got a lot of my paper route money along with little Japanese junky toys..

So here's my problem. I have a number of authors I really like. I buy, beg or borrow everything they write. I need suggestions for other good authors. Please send suggestions by way of comment. Please help.

Here are some of the authors that I have completely  mined out:
  • Michael Connelly
  • John Barnes
  • Dean Koontz
  • John Steinbeck
  • John Lescroart
  • Tom Clancey
  • Vince Flynn
  • Ernest Hemingway
  • Hunter S. Thompson
  • Larry Niven
  • Tony Hillerman
  • F Paul Wilson
  • Stephen Hunter
  • David Baldacci
  • John Grisham
  • Joseph Waumbaugh
  • Thomas Harris
  • Stephen King
  • Orson Scott Card
  • H.G. Wells
  • Isaac Asimov
  • Janet Evanovich
  • Greg Bear
  • Tim Dorsey
  • Carl Haaisen
  • John Barth
  • Tim O'Brien
  • Lee Child
  • Jared Diamond
  • James Michener
  • Herman Wouk
  • Tom Wolfe
  • Martin Cruz Smith
  • Ken Kesey
  • Greg Isles
  • Ken Follet
  • John D MacDonald

So please send suggestions for authors I should be reading. Right away.

I'm amazed at some of the pictures I've taken the last five months. I forgot we were there in some cases...early alzheimers rears its ugly head. More later


  1. I wouldn't say its the

  2. This is Doug from ACS - don't forget Tim Dorsey. You turned me onto his great adventures of Serge Storm as he tours FL landmarks.

    'Electric Barracuda' is his latest 2011 release and another one coming out in late October 'When Elves Attack'.

  3. I like historical novels, especially the medeival times, but others as well. If you're interested, I can recommend some good authors.


  4. Rachel,

    Thanks for reminding me to put Ken Follet on my list.


    As you suggested, I really like Tim Dorsey, but Carl Haaisen is even better on Florida outlaw craziness. They're both on the list now. (with John D Macdonald, of course)...


  5. Get an ipad and sign up for every public library you come across in your travels. Then you will be able to download for free any new or old authors you desire. The list of authors and books is growing every day.

  6. Listed are books I've read by these authors.

    SHARON KAY PENMAN, Justin de Quincy series. EDITH PARGETER(aka Ellis Peters), Heaven Tree series, Brothers of Gwynedd series, Brother Cadfael series. VALERIE ANAND(aka Fiona Buckley), Ursula Blanchard series. ARIANA FRANKLIN, Mistress of the Art of Death series. KEN FOLLETT, Pillars of the Earth series.

    PATRICK D. SMITH, early Florida. DAVID LISS, Benjamin Weaver series (18th century). GERALDINE BROOKS, Caleb’s Crossing (17th century).

    I like to use FantasticFiction website to look up authors I've read to get suggestions for similar authors.