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An irregular marking on the exterior of Native American pottery: usually resulting from burning fuel coming in direct contact with the vessel during firing

Monday, 1 August 2011

Cowboys and Aliens

Grand Forks, North Dakota

We've been here for five days. Tuesday morning, we'll continue East.

The "Cowboys and Aliens" movie was very campy. I enjoyed it and laughed a lot in spite of all the bad reviews by the movie snobs who cant appreciate fine art and humor when they see it. Keith Carradine and Harrison Ford. What could be bad? Attacked by the sheriff of the town of Absolution, ugly leaping aliens, bandit mobs and Chiracaua Apaches; bad man Jake Lonegan conquers all in spite of total amnesia with the aid of a mysterious bracelet with holographic sights that fires big energy bolts....this movie was 14 years in the making and was written by six groups of writers...that explains a lot...sometimes bad men do good things....and good men do bad things....

We also hit the University of North Dakota Art Museum yesterday. There we only two artists on display, but both were interesting.

In 1997,  Laura Letinsky began to photograph still life in her Chicago studio. Her photographs include cherry pits, orange peels, paper plates, plastic cups, squashed tin cans, and garbage littered on white surfaces in a white room. She had about 50 untitled large prints taking up the entire 1st floor.

Rena Effendi's photos of Azerbaijan pipeline scenes were on the second floor.

A wedding party reserved the art museum for later in the day.Hope springs eternal.

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  1. looks like you are ready to leave sil