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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Travel by Train and Other Musings

Wake Forest, North Carolina

Ok. So I'm eight days into this house addition painting project. It'a about 1000 square feet with lots of trim (including crown molding), and six rooms. That doesn't count four days and two 15 hour Amtrak trips on the Silver Meteor to go back and say hello to Mrs. Phred while waiting for the other trades to do their thing.

Grandchild number seven is due in eight days and the pressure is on to get a certificate of occupancy and get momma and the baby into the new space. It's down to the wire. She's amazing: still homeschooling six and running to soccer, drama and piano lessons while coordinating the trade people. I think maybe I had that energy at my peak...maybe not.

Here I am cleaning my humble paint pail in the neighborhood drainage ditch.

New construction is so different than the rehabs I'm used to. You have to prime all the drywall and new trim, patch all the nailholes with putty. caulk all the seams. sand the trim. repair blemishes, countersink nails the carpenters missed, fix drywall goofs, paint the trim, ceiling and walls different colors (several coats), clean the windows with razor blades and try to avoid tracking paint on anything important (since half the house is occupied).

The various crews call me "the painter" and several have asked if I do this kind of work in Florida. Painting is not without rewards, but its always been strictly weekend and evening stuff for me after a day at the office. I like working under halogen lighting with some loud rock and my friend Johnny Walker standing by.

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  1. love the birds....looks like your hair grew....:-) sil