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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Dr. Strangelove

Sarasota, Florida

The Fruitville library is just outside the gates of our wintertime home. They are open seven days a week and have a nice collection of movie DVDs. The RV park was just awarded the 2010 Best Megapark. They received the same award in 2008. The big "Hippo" water slide should be inflated for the weekend.

I never tire of watching Peter Sellers in the 1964 "Dr. Stangelove". He plays at least three parts in the Movie by Kubrick: Group Captain Lionel Mandrake, the American President and the German Dr. Strangelove himself with the irrepressible artificial arm. "Mien Fuhrer, I can walk!" is his last line of dialog just before the ending song, "We'll Meet Again" by Vera Lynn and the nuclear explosions.

You can watch the movie online here. It was selected by the Library of Congress in 1989 as "culturally significant", ranked as number three.

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