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An irregular marking on the exterior of Native American pottery: usually resulting from burning fuel coming in direct contact with the vessel during firing

Friday, 19 September 2008

Victory Slips Away

Tampa, Florida

I go out to play tennis with Mrs. Phred this morning and tie it up 5-5.....This is going to be my day, I think...I revolve saying 5-5....5-5...savoring the moment....the 8 AM Florida heat and humidity leaves me dripping with sweat...Mrs. Phred seems cool as a cucumber...

She takes the next game 6-5 and I start dreaming of a tie-break....We go back on, deuce, ad-out, deuce...Finally she puts me away 7-5....I dream of future victories....I've never won five games before...we've been playing 20 years...this is my augurs well...

Tomorrow, I hit what is considered official retirement age of 65...what to do?
We look at newer, bigger recreational, maybe not...Maybe the Federal Reserve has an opening for a shrewd chairman who has actually studied macroeconomics.

We saw " Burn after Reading" last night...another dark comedy by the Coen Brothers...funny to laugh out loud when people are being sequentially killed, but the Coen Brothers have a talent....then to St. Pete Beach for rum-runners and coconut shrimp on the "million dollar" pier ....a strong tropical wind off the water and a typical Florida light show of frequent nighttime lightning strikes in a big cumulus nimbus line off the dark gulf....I was just reading about this Englishman who was paralyzed by a lightning strike in WW1 on the right side, then 20 years later in Canada he was paralyzed on the left side by another strike, then just as he was learning to walk another bolt got him on both sides, then he died and another strike spit his tombstone...what are the odds?

Interstate 275 has been upgraded here with overhead LED signs and we get a warning twenty miles ahead on the way home that a crash has blocked all three lanes at Kennedy nice...we divert...I make another contribution to Obama's campaign this morning...

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  1. A belated happy birthday to you Phred!