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Saturday, 6 September 2008

Ice Cream, Hot Dogs and Marshmellows

Holly Point State Park, North Carolina

The park offers swimming in a cool lake. It's heavily wooded. I've been doing some painting for my daughter-in-law and generally trying to be useful. The little ones camp with us in the Park in relays. Grandchild number five found my kneepads and likes to wear one as a helmet.

Tropical Storm Hannah swept though last night. We had a great roaring fire in the rain and toasted marshmellows (can you see raindrops and toasted marshmellows descending from the heavens?). We swam in the rain and watched the storm bands sweep though. The girls (numbers two and three) appointed me as the monster so I ran them down and dragged them shrieking by the heels to deep water.

We looked at nearby Chapel Hill. It's a big University with an abundance of the older homes that we both like. Maybe we'll look there for a stick home someday (People who live in RVs call homes without wheels "stick homes"). We'll head back to Tampa tomorrow at about 4am. It's been five months plus since we left on this trip. The BBC wants me to write about my travels and provide pictures. I'm negotiating for complete creative control with Rich Blayden, the BBC Post Senior Editor. I'm also holding out for Waldorf salads.

The little ones dropped my laptop on the floor last night as Hannah stormed about. They seem to get super-energetic when fed massive amounts of hot dogs, ice cream, marshmellows, chocolate and Graham crackers. The strange thing is, it started working again after being dead for several weeks.

By noon the skies had cleared....Maybe I'll slip up here in my old white Ford Van and do some more painting in October or November.

We could be in Tampa tomorrow, but I'd like to stop at Ginnie Springs and dive the caves and float down the Santa Fe river. Hurricane Ike should arrive about the same time we do. It's a nice one (Cat IV).

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