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Monday, 10 August 2015

Siletz River, Oregon

 The Terror of Highway 101

We're heading down Highway 101 on the Oregon Coast one more time. After Packwood, Washington, we spent three days in upper northwest Oregon at Fort Stevens State Park, then two days at the Jetty Fishermen's RV park. Just now we're finishing three nights at the Coyote Rock RV Park on the Siletz River. If you stay at Coyote Rock, make sure they give you a spot on the river.

 He wore black denim trousers and motorcycle boots
And a black leather jacket with an eagle on the back
He had a hopped-up 'cicle that took off like a gun
That fool was the terror of Highway 101

Well, he never washed his face and he never combed his hair
He had axle grease imbedded underneath his fingernails
On the muscle of his arm was a red tattoo
A picture of a heart saying "Mother, I love you"
-Vaughn Monroe

Personally, when I had my Harley, I had a chicken sewed into the back of my black leather jacket rather than an eagle and a naked brain painted on my helmet....  Anyway, We went fishing again out of Depoe Bay and I caught some rock fish and a decent ling cod.. I'm cooking some of the ling cod tonight. First I marinated a chunk in white wine and salt. I'm covering it with breadcrumbs and then adding a mix of mayonnaise, sour cream and minced green onions. It's all topped off with paprika for appearance.

 The Jetty Fisherman's RV Park is at the mouth of Nehalem Bay. The tide rips in an out and crabbing is very popular. In the morning I walked along the railroad tracks and back for several miles. It's a beautiful spot to camp.

 Mrs. Phred and I booked a fishing trip out of Depoe Bay near the Siletz River. Our boat had a total of six fishing people. We didn't catch as many fish as we might have because Mrs. Phred got seasick. I have another trip booked out of Charleston, Oregon on the 12th by myself at 6 AM.

 This is one of the famous Tillomook cows. Tillomook makes great ice cream and cheese. If you go there see the Tillomook cheese factory and the huge air museum in the WWII blimp hangar...I treated myself to a half gallon of Tillomook ice cream and now I must pay the calorie counting price...Black and white cows make the best ice cream...

At the Jetty RV Park they rent crab traps and cook your crabs. Nice if you have your own kayaks and don't have to rent a boat....but the tides rip in and out....

Mary Lou, poor girl, she pleaded and she begged him not to leave
She said "I've got a feeling if you ride tonight I'll grieve"
But her tears were she'd in vain and her every word was lost
In the rumble of an engine and the smoke from his exhaust

Then he took off like the Devil and there was fire in his eyes! He
Said "I'll go a thousand miles before the sun can rise." But he hit a screamin' diesel
That was California-bound" And when they cleared the wreckage, all
They found

Was his black denim trousers and motorcycle boots
And a black leather jacket with an eagle on the back
But they couldn't find the 'cicle that took off like a gun
And they never found the terror of High way 1 oh 1

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