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Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Nixon Library

Yorba Linda, California

The Nixon Presidential Library is located next to the house where Nixon was born in Yorba Linda, California.

I have a goal of visiting all 13 of the Presidential Libraries. I think I'm still missing Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, Dwight Eisenhower  and the both the Bushes.

Nixon's time was tumultuous. You had to be there and be young to understand the anger over the war.

Give love a chance?

The Watergate section and timeline is very good with lots of touch screen videos and audio tapes. I spent a lot of time there remembering how all that unfolded.

The original "enemies" list included Leonard Bernstein. the list of 16 grew to 700. Nixon wanted the IRS to harass his enemies.

Richard and Pat Nixon are buried here. He lived 20 years after resigning.

Here is the house where Nixon was born.

Nixon came to Eisenhower's attention due to the notoriety he gained while investigating Alger Hiss...without that the world would have been different...

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