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An irregular marking on the exterior of Native American pottery: usually resulting from burning fuel coming in direct contact with the vessel during firing

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Pray for Surf!

Panacea, Florida

Our first day out we make 300 miles and park on the banks of the Wakulla river where it dumps into the Gulf of Mexico just south of Tallahassee.

Forty-nine years ago this month the Air Force gave me a quick promotion to staff sergeant and sent me here to Florida State University to get a degree on their dime.

I learned to SCUBA dive that year (1964) , poking around in the muddy bottom of the Wakulla searching for mastodon teeth and Indian pot shards.

Lots of flowers in Tallahassee in June. The magnolia trees are stinking up the place.

Mrs. Phred in front of her old dormitory.

The Sweet Shop is still there. Mrs. Phred demonstrated to get the place integrated and people threw things at her. However, her first arrest with Henry came later at the Dobbs House lunch counter.

Inside the Sweet Shop.

We find Mrs. Phred's autograph on the walls of the Sweet Shop....

This is the house I was living in in October, 1965 when I met Mrs. Phred at a cast party. The play was "A Man for All Seasons".

Beach feet....the nail polish is called "Blue Moon Lagoon"....In Abnormal Psych here at FSU they talked about shoe and  foot fetishers...

Two of the most outstanding men associated with Florida State University.

Nic's Clothing  is still doing business downtown. My first credit account, first suit and first dress shoes came from here in 1965.

We go to see the house where we were living when Kenny was born. It had been replaced by a 16 unit Apartment building.

In the afternoon we hit the beach at Alligator Point and eat oysters at one of the many little restaurants that fry up the local catch. A septic tank crew came in for lunch and engaged the wait staff inn a lengthy conversation about the intricacies of cleaning out and maintaining septic tanks.

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