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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Amber Waves of Grain

Broken Bow, Nebraska

We turn north in Kansas to catch a strong tail wind and avoid the uncomfortable buffeting that comes with the 40 MPH crosswinds from the south over the open plains. The wind makes the fields of wheat looks like a brown ocean.

I think our luck is due to turn.

Back on the 4th the doc told me that the pathologists final report told him that he left some stuff behind…not a big surprise. He’ll be in my future again…

Then the steps on the RV wouldn’t retract so we couldn’t leave Sarasota until we got a mechanic to bang on the steps motor with a big hammer.

Tallahassee was a fun trip down memory lane but we had to boogie out before dawn because we were getting hammered ourselves by rain bands from the approaching tropical storm.

We liked the Alabama Army Corp of Engineers, but we heard a tremendous bang upon leaving as our extended TV antenna hit a low hanging tree limb and became deformed.

The worst thing happened on the banks of the Mississippi in West Memphis. Mrs. Phred  dropped a metal table on her foot….she can’t play tennis or hike or anything. When we go to the store I push her in s shopping cart.

Then we camped in Mountain Home Arkansas. My gas grill turned into a towering inferno when I accidentally burned a hole in the propane hose that feeds the grill…the gas exploded out of the hose just ahead of the regulator.

In Eureka, Kansas, my luck turned. Nothing bad happened and I got 12 ears of yellow corn for $2. I had a great morning walk. What a nice little town. A public library, a grocery store, lots of place to buy a tractor….but  we’re not in Kansas anymore…

So it’s the 11th, a week after we started.. We slept in Tallahassee, Alabama, West Memphis, Mountain Home, Eureka and Nebraska….it's only about 3,500 more miles to Alaska…

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