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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Once More Into the Ditch

Blairsville, Georgia

The new GPS has proven to be a little tricky. It routed us into a narrow gravel dead end road in north Georgia. I managed to drop the right rear wheels of the RV into a ditch on a tight corner and did a little damage to two of the basement doors.

A few months ago the old laptop died. I've been light on the blogging since then because Google no longer supports Picasa, which I used for many years to compress my photos down for the Web. I have a new photo editing program from Adobe, but it's taken a while to get up to speed.

We've spent a few nights in Vogel State Park in North Georgia and have now moved to a resort near Blairsville to wait out the Labor Day traffic. The resort staff ran two Ethernet cables into the coach to provide TV though a box and an HDMI connection and high speed Internet with an RJ-45 cable...strange stuff.

We have a whitewater raft trip coming up near Clayton, Georgia. It's on the river where they filmed Deliverance. We did it once before about 30 years ago. I forgot to bring our SCUBA booties once again..

The gator drops by our new place in Sarasota every few days. Hurricane Hermine dropped some vegetation and lots of rain but did no major damage to our home..

Bruce and  Felica have a new four month old puppy. It's a Pyreanean Mastiff.

We will probably try to explore Michigan this trip. We've never spent much time there. Maybe we'll circumnavigate Lake Superior and check out Thunder Bay.

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