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Friday, 16 September 2016

Horseshit and Fudge

Mackinac Island. Michigan

Mackinac is pronounced's that pesky French influence you find up Sault St. Marie is pronounced Sue St. Marie...I remember a snotty french waiter pretending not to understand me when I ordered Savignon Blanc and failed to properly negotiate the silent C on the end of Blanc...

So we took a ferry over to Mackinac Island. There is a main street that has many fudge stores and bicycle rental places. We walked and I'm glad because at one point we had to go up 300 steps to see the Skull Cave and the Arch Rock....We would have had to come back down the steps if we had bikes instead of walking the high ground.

We are told by natives we meet up in the State Park that 98% of the visitors never get beyond the commercial area and come away with the impression that all there is there is horseshit and fudge.

The old Victorian homes (hotels and inns) are quite impressive and there appears to be a lively competition for best flower bed at this time of year,

This is an interesting horse drawn contraption. A diesel engine powers a shit scooper that cleans op the equine crap left all over the island.

Some of these old hotels are very lovely.

Even UPS and Fedex have to use horses on the island.

The Mackinac Bridge is where Lake Michigan and Lake Huron are technically delineated. It connects the upper Michigan Peninsula with Lower Michigan.

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