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Monday, 7 March 2016

We Voted Today

Just as you think it can't be any stranger... A serial Vietnam draft dodger calling a Senator who was shot down in a Hanoi Lake with a broken arm and tortured for years a "loser"....he says Mexican immigrants are rapists...he advocates sending all 11 million illegals back and making Mexico pay to build an 1100 mile wall...he wants to completely ban all Muslims....He claims to have a big we have the Nazi salute and pledge allegiance to Trump.... Trump/s challenger, Cruz, is roundly despised as a fanatic ideologue by most of his own party...

Meanwhile, Hillary, with all the charisma of a wilted banana, spent 1964 working on the Goldwater campaign. For those who have forgotten, Goldwater caused the Republican party to veer away from improving the lot of black citizens. He wanted to capture the votes of white southern bigots. Bernie on the other hand, was arrested in Chicago demonstrating for the civil rights of black citizens (like Mrs. Phred).  So Bernie is winning primaries which are in states that are mostly white. The black vote is going 85% for Hillary...go figure.. WTF? stupid and ignorant can it get?

 On the other hand, it's really tough to parse the demographics of America. You have the stoners, baby boomers,  old white men, burnouts, bikers, Gen Xers, communists, veterans, draft dodgers, social justice warriors, millennials, illegals, union members, #blacklivesmatter, truthers, birthers, health goths, TED talkers, Catholics, money guys, values voters, Muslims, isolationists, evangelicals, artists, truckers, patriots, tran-sexuals,  gun nuts, pacifists, Hispanics  tweeters, tweakers, Tea Partiers,,atheists, hedonists, retirees, cross-dressers,  and crossfitters? Trump is appealing to many of these...

We're packed and ready to head out with or grandchildren (3 of 7 and 4 of 7). We'll be spending a week in Barcelona and then doing a two week Med cruise. I have tickets for a Barcelona soccer game on Saturday...My grandson is very excited. 

 We are staying in the Gotic Quarter in Barcelona.. It's near the Beach and the Ramblas....I have lots of things planned for them ...tapas bars. funiculars, aquariums, gelato joints, museums..

 The highlights of the Mes cruise are Rome and Pisa/Florence...I've hired a Mercedes for a day tours in both places...We also will see:

 Cartagena, Spain;

 Cagliaria, Sardinia; 

Palermo, Sardinia;

Naples, Italy;

Mallorca, Spain;

Old Florence pictures

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