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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Venice Blues Festival

There is a rhythm that you need to feel to put up a satisfying blog. At least I do. Without interesting pictures or something to say, the frequency of the posts drops way off. My muse has become shy lately about removing her diaphanous gown...probably a function of advancing years and decaying brain cells..

 We have been adopted by a black cat. It was a timid little kitten with golden eyes last month. His name is "Kitty". He has grown quickly and become an aggressive hunter-killer, going after squirrels and other small game. He is very affectionate...he shows this by purring and digging his claws and teeth into the parts of you that he can reach.

 We went to the Venice Blues Festival with Ken and Karen. Good lunch at the new Fin's Restaurant upstairs at Sharkey's on the beach, followed by a bike ride and a few hours of blues....

I've would like to  something about  the Veteran's Day just passed. I was advised in the early 70s by HR professionals to take the five years of Viet Nam experience off my resume and make something else up to account for the time spent. That and being lectured about the war by middle-aged co-worker ladies are my fondest memories of a fickle, mindless public. Sheep, easily manipulated by corporate big media.

The Florida Blues Brothers were the comic relief at the festival. This one must be Jake, judging by the girth. He saw Carol dancing to the sound way back in the crowd and came back to express his admiration.

 Got a shot of this bird drying its wings at the concert.

 Florida can produce a sunset now and then.

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