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Friday, 22 December 2006

1,000 Things to See Before You Die

Ink's Lake State Park, Texas - December 19, 2006

The Space Shuttle would be visible in the northeast right now, if not for the sudden overcast. We are northwest of Austin near LBJ’s old ranch.

This is a beautiful area, Texas hill country, complete with lakes. We are on the shore of a lovely lake. Imagine living on prime lakefront for $20 a night, all utilities included. We like it here. The geography is very unusual. Rain is expected tomorrow. Traffic going though Houston and Austin was very taxing.

My copy of "1,000 things to see before you die" has five entries for Texas. This hill country area is one of the five, especially during wildflower season. There are somewhat less than 999 to go, due to prior travels.

I agree with a few of the 1,000 things in the book, but the omissions are stunning. Where is diving to see the sunken ships in Truk lagoon? Where is the pink and purple candy cotton wonderland between two cloud layers at dawn at 8,000 feet over the Pribilof Islands? Where is the South Dakota Tractor Museum? What about the Southern Cross and the Aurora Borealis?

We had to drive to another county to buy wine because this one is "dry". The buxom blonde behind the liquor store counter on the county line had the TV going. Her two young sons were both playing behind the gated counter with a young pit-bull. There were empty Burger King wrappers on the counter, so I know she fed them. She sweetly wished me a good week and "Merry Christmas" as I left.

Mrs. Phred and I took a ride in the early 70s up to Tallahassee on a borrowed fast motorcycle to visit a was two in the morning and we were visiting and listening to a quadraphonic ghost repeater radio station floating over the gulf from Panama City...a lovely song came was called "Stairway to Heaven"...There's something about the first time for everything, including Texas Hill Country.

Here are some Texas photos. Mostly algae covered rocks. The rocks are Texas gneiss, high grade pink and gray metamorphic rocks melted deep below the earth. There are also shots of Texas ranch gates, and a few of the small town of Llano, Texas.

It was overcast and the pictures were drab so I punched up the images color warmth, shadows and highlights to create an artificial reality as it should have been.

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