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Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Road to Chicken

Chicken, Alaska

The road to Chicken and then up to Dawson City in the Yukon is 167 miles of washboard gravel road. It's called the Top of the World Highway. The first problem is a flat tire on the Honda. I find the wood screw and patch the hole

We overnight in Chicken and burn all our collected firewood before crossing the border back into Canada. When we try to put out the main slide in Dawson City, it's broken again so we go to the hardware store and buy a handful of bolts to replace the one in the slide gearbox that's sheared off.

Mama killed a chicken,
Thought it was a duck.
Put it on the table
with the legs sticking up
- John Lee Hooker

We had just washed the RV and Honda back in Ninilchik about 600 miles back.

The views have been good.

Two things you never want to do after you hit 50 are sing Karaoke in a bar after midnight and start a collection of ceramic chickens...

 I take a six mile walk along the dirt road at 6 AM in Chicken and see a moose and several reindeer. When I weigh in upon return, I'm gratified to tip the scales at 199  which is down 41 pounds from February....when your little brother calls from Nevada to tell you that you look pregnant in your blog pictures it might be time to cut back on the calories

Burning up the firewood in Chicken

 Leftover stage from the last Chickenstock rock festival.

Trip Adviser says that this is the best place to eat in Chicken...

This moose finally wandered off to stand in the forest. I met her on my morning walk near Chicken.

The reindeer were more shy than the moose.

 167 miles of this from Tok to Chicken to Dawson City....

Passing truck....

 The Yukon....Remember Sgt. Preston of the RCMP? No? Not old enough? Plunk your magic twanger, Froggy!

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