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Friday, 25 May 2012

Memphis: William's Bar-B-Q

I'm running weeks behind on the blog. Since I quit smoking on December 4th (for the flight to Bangkok), a strange lassitude has descended upon me. I no longer care much about the blog and don't even ask about my Facebook page because, unfortunately,  I don't have one.

So let's start at the beginning and try to get at least one day closer to current. The current situation is that we have a bent front axle on the RV and can't get it fixed for seven days. We're stuck in Nashville. More about Nashville on a future blog. Right now let's discuss the Memphis Blues.

We stayed at a really nice place called the Tom Sawyer Mississippi River RV park. It's in West Memphis on the west side of the river in Arkansas. It an easy ten minute drive to Beale Street in Memphis to hear the Memphis Blues again.

This strange little bird sat on its nest in the gravel parking lot for the four days we were there. It sat there during a tremendous night time downpour and thunder storm. Mrs. Phred wanted to take the little bird an umbrella but I restrained her. Nature's reproductive schemes are sometimes exceedingly strange.

The only downside of the park (also an upside) is the 24/7 river traffic. I woke up every morning at 4AM to the pounding roar of big diesel tugboat engines. If you get to West Memphis, go to William's BarBQue on 14th street.

The man is a true American culinary genius...who else other than William could have considered combining slow cooked pork with coleslaw in a single fat, sloppy, delicious sandwich?

 So anyway...this is getting to be a very long blog and we haven't even gotten to the Lorraine Hotel and East Memphis...more later?

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  1. i thik the bird ay be a plover....sil