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Monday, 7 May 2012

Land Between the Lakes

Grand Rivers, Kentucky

We're at an Army Corps of Engineers campground at the upper end of Lake Barkley and Lake Kentucky. We like the COE campgrounds. They're always on the water, well designed and inexpensive.

Grand Rivers has a population of about 300, but it has an elaborate theater. It was a gift from Mr. Bladgett who got rich barging coal around the lakes after they were created during the Depression by the Tennessee Valley Aithority.

We went to see "Ring of Fire" at the theater on Saturday night. It was excellent and told the Johnny Cash story with a mixture of his songs and video narrative.

These big lakes were created as part of FDR's electrification plan. about 10,000 farmers were relocated to allow the creation of the lakes and hundreds of square miles of recreation area between the lakes. We drove though here once about 30 years ago in our 79 Chevy camper van.

Things have been going wrong at an alarming rate. First we lost a hubcap from the  Toyota. Then the handle on our TV antenna broke off. I lost my favorite knife. Next I crushed the power supply for the Brake Buddy in the Car door. I tried to tape it up, but only managed to blow a fuse in the Toyota that controls the radio and cigarette lighter. Some how I've lost the Toyota manual and I couldn't find the blown fuse. So no radio and no GPS unless we download something onto the IPhone or IPad.

We should be in Mountain Home, Arkansas before the weekend. Today is a trip into Paducah to try to buy some books, fix the fuse, visit a junkyard to scroung hubcaps and see a movie....

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