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Friday, 3 February 2012

Back in the U.S....

Sarasota, Florida

We've been back in the U.S. over a month. Many good and bad things have been happening (and I'm not talking about the visiting Republican candidates for President).

The kayaks at Fort Desoto park are $75 for an all day rental of a double, but you can also rent for one or two hours. I don't like to kayak when the wind is strong.

A lot of people were wind-surfing today. In the background is the new Sunshine Skyway. The old one collapsed when a freighter hit it in a thunderstorm. A busload of people and several cars and trucks took a header off the top.

We took a lot of pictures at Fort Desoto today. I've seen ratings that have it as one of the best beaches in the world, but you have to wonder....

I bought a more comfortable seat for my bike and an LED taillight that plugs into my laptop to recharge. We took a 12 mile ride on the Legacy Trail out of Venice earlier this week. It was lovely but I forgot my camera.

A lot of hungry birds hang out on the remnant of the old skyway.

I love Florida.

and all of it's strange birds and reptiles.

Sun and Fun just built a new 5 million dollar fitness center. It opened in January.

It has an indoor pool with lap lanes that allow you to swim in place.

There are mirrored rooms full of gleaming workout equipment.

My surgeries for head cancers also happened in January.

Ken and Karen took us sailing/

I pretended to be disabled so I didn't have to pull on the ropes. Ken Let me steer all day.

These strange sea birds had orange beaks.

This bird also has an orange beak.

Fort Desoto Park Beach on a warm, gray day in February.

Seaweed on the beach.

If you live in Florida, you may tend to forget how exotic a line of palms may appear.

I must have been saying something important to Mrs. Phred....

This bird is demanding another piece of our sandwiches.


  1. Nice to see you posting again....the photo with many birds with orange beaks appears to be first glance I would say royal terns...the loan bird with orange beak appears to be an American Oyster case you were wondering...sil

  2. Yes, the lone bird looks like an oystercatcher. Very similar in appearance to the European one.

    As skin cancers go, squamous are not as threatening as carcinomas? Anyway, good that it's gone. I hope you are recovering quickly.

  3. Hi Colm,

    You are correct. Squamous skin cancers are better than the melanoma type that you had on your neck a few years back.

    My problem cancer one is the best kind, a basal cell. The problem is that it's been growing under the surface for nearly five years. It's so large now that surgical removal is iffy (the first time on 2007 didn't work)and would cut the facial nerves on my right side and I would drool and need a gold weight to be able to close my right eye. (You can't make this stuff up)....

    So we are going for American oyster catcher....

  4. What color is your beak?