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Saturday, 3 September 2011

It's Been One of Those Days

Clayton, New York

 It started with a failure of the inverter. That's tied in to all the television equipment (both TVs, the automatic satellite dish, the satellite receiver, the DVD). The inverter supplies AC power to all that from the batteries or by passing though AC from the generator or from shore power. The inverter is supposed to have a smart switch that allows all that stuff to function even when the inverter fails or is turned off. Mrs. Phred found the manual and I was able to restart the inverter. She gave me a kiss of gratitude that she could watch tennis.

Meanwhile, we started browning out on bad shore power. Our smart power manager kept flipping between 30 and 50 amp readings and only one A/C would work even with the electric water heater switched over to propane. I switched over to the RVs generator and everything worked fine. The meter we were plugged into was very hot so we moved rather than to risk burning out our electronics with bad voltage.

We usually have to use the hydraulic jacks to get leveled. This time everything shifted and one of the jacks twisted and started pumping out hydraulic fluid. That's why the RV manual says not to use the jacks to lift the wheels off ground. Duh!..... I'll get down under the RV and take a look, but I think we may be back to driving the wheels up on blocks of wood for awhile to get level.....

To complicate things I accidentally ran a hose to the black water flush fitting after we moved and forget to turn the valve off. After awhile the 42 gallon tank filled up  and started pouring off the roof. Fortunately, the sodium bicarbonate and laundry detergent I've been adding to the tank has made it clean as a whistle and the overflow off the roof was clear and odorless.

Oh Yeah...My 6-love losing streak to Mrs Phred in tennis is now up to ten sets.  We both get practice from playing frequently, but it seems to do her more good than it does me.

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  1. just another day in the life of an rver....rite (as she reads to her husband laughing with tears coming out of both her eyes...:))))...sil