Fire Cloud...
An irregular marking on the exterior of Native American pottery: usually resulting from burning fuel coming in direct contact with the vessel during firing

Thursday, 2 June 2011

That fool was the terror of Highway 101

The Redwoods

We checked out California highway 1, North of San Francisco. It is a good place to take coastal pictures but not where you would want to drive a big RV.

There were many miles of strangely uninhabited coast and mountain switchbacks. We took some pictures and retreated.

The only sensible way north along the California coast is up Highway 101.

He wore black denim trousers and motorcycle boots
And a black leather jacket with an eagle on the back
He had a hopped-up 'cicle that took off like a gun
That fool was the terror of Highway 101

I always wanted a black leather jacket, but with a chicken on the back...that fool was the terror of Highway 101. I was 13 when that one came out...just then learning to smoke and applying lots of Wild Root Cream Oil to my duck's-tail haircut....when it rained, streams of black stuff would run down my face and neck....

We're in the middle of the redwoods again. Sometimes I feel like a small  asteroid circling the sun...All right redwoods.... here we come, swinging by on our predictable orbit. ... Hello big have you been.? long  big trees, goodbye again.

We go to the grocery store. All the customers look weird with long beards, strange clothing and soul patches. They are my lost people.

We see a large building with a medical apothecary marijuana sign. Next door is a hydroponics and indoor grow light store. I want to live usual Mrs. Phred is a negative influence. I guess I'll just keep orbiting until my apogee decays?


  1. cool...what are the pink flowers called? sil

  2. Between the Red Woods and Sequoia National Park, I believe in wood nymphs and a secret tribe of forest people, of which I was stolen from at a young age......