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Sunday, 27 March 2011

H2G2 is up for sale

Dove's Rest RV Park, Marianna, Florida

We did 430 miles today. Maybe tomorrow we'll do another 500 and hit Betty's RV Park in Abbeville, Louisiana...we'll be sucking on craw fish heads and dancing to Zydeco music..

H2G2 (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy) is a strange BBC social networking site. I joined it back in 2005 and wrote some articles that went though a weird approval process. I remember drinking Wild Turkey bourbon and writing my heart out late at night after work, trying for approval from a strange collection of English freakazoids.

Now the BBC is eager to sell the site as a result of the draconian budget cuts approved by the English Parliament.  You're probably reading about the riots in England. At least they're not gunning down the protesters.

Anyhow, I got an email today asking for permission to use my copyrighted approved articles in the event that BBC finds a buyer for the site. You could probably pick the whole thing up for $2.99. Here is a list of my edited articles...H2g2 is sort of a wonky and very inadequate competitor for Wikipedia.

Here's a list of my approved articles. They're up for sale.

DB Cooper - Skyjacker and Folk HeroJul 24, 2007

Harold Gatty - Prince of Navigators
Apr 21, 2006

No Surrender for Hiroo OnondaNov 16, 2005

Halibut and Salmon Fishing in AlaskaOct 28, 2005

Rudyard KiplingSep 19, 2005

Ailurophilia Gone Bad: A New Mental Illness?Jun 22, 2005

William Bligh - Vice Admiral of the BlueJun 7, 2005

Amelia Earhart - Death by Parallax?
May 3, 2005

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