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An irregular marking on the exterior of Native American pottery: usually resulting from burning fuel coming in direct contact with the vessel during firing

Monday, 7 March 2011

Here's the Plan

Spring and Summer, 2011

No foreign vacations for us in 2011. We want to spend our dollars at home this year to jump start the economy. We'll leave April 1st and have some seafood on the Florida Panhandle and Oyster Po-boys in New Orleans. Then we'll mosey out to Benson, Arizona near the Mexican border to visit relatives.

After that I want to do the 1500 mile circle in a counter-clockwise direction before crossing Death Valley.

Some hotspots on the circle are:
... Sedona, just south of Flagstaff..
...South Rim of Grand Canyon NP
...Page, Arizona see Antelope Canyon, the dam, horseshoe bend, the lake
... Monument Valley...go with a Navajo guide
...Mesa Verde and the Canyons of the Ancients
... Arches NP in Moab
... Canyonlands NP
... Bryce NP
... Zion NP
 ...Valley of the Gods
....North Rim of Grand Canyon

After Vegas and the long drive through Death Valley we'll  catch some trout in the high mountain lakes on the East side of the California Cascade Mountains, see Yosemite National Park again and then fish and tide pool our way up the Pacific Coast of California, Oregon and Washington.

We'll hit some big parks in East Washington and Montana and camp along the shores of the Great Lakes before hitting New England for the changing leaves.

Then back to Florida for winter about December 1. That's the plan, Stan...

I'm puzzled about one of my 674 blogs. It's "Where the Great Giraffe is Stored". Suddenly I'm getting thousands of hits a week on that blog for no reason I can fathom. It's become my most popular blog of the week, month and all time. If I Google even "Great Giraffe", Google gives the blog a great ranking...


  1. sounds like good plan to me....BTW check out a place near page, UT that we just heard about called the sounds like your kind of place...but you may need a bit of planning for it as you need a permit to hike there...sow photos and it is on my bucket list...sil

  2. Hey Bob. Rachel pointed me to your blog, and I definitely enjoy your stories as much now as in years past. I'm living at South Rim and would enjoy seeing you and Mrs Phred as you pass thru if you have time to look me up. Janette

  3. Janette,

    Are you the Janette that was the Lotus Notes genius? Or a different Jsnette?

    What are you doing on the South Rim?


  4. That's me! I've been hanging out here in the Canyon for a couple of years now, it just made sense to be over here rather than having to travel here for every vacation.