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An irregular marking on the exterior of Native American pottery: usually resulting from burning fuel coming in direct contact with the vessel during firing

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Too Bad Drinking Wine Isn't a Paying Job

Sarasota,  Florida

Mrs. Phred and I have been traveling for about five years now since we sold our home and went full time out on the road.

Writing a blog and posting pictures helps to convince me that I actually exist ( I blog, therefore I am) and fills most of the void left by the absence of any productive work.

I've decided not to write more blogs until I place "labels" on the 700 blogs that I've already written. I started with November, 2005 and you can see the results over to the right. It took about an hour to write labels for about 15 blogs, so the whole project will take a week or two of intense effort.

I'm going to label Alaska blogs next since I have a couple of friends here asking for advice. I have some other projects going:

  • I'm doing tax returns for a relative and for a friend who lost her husband (he might have done the same for Mrs. Phred if the tables were turned).
  • It's time to Spring clean and reorganize the RV.
  • Hopefully we can clean out whats left in the storage unit.

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    1. Cool photos... thanks!

      There was a hill top
      where I used to see,
      all of my life's possibilities in front of me.
      Four decades later,
      I returned to see
      that none of it, would ever be.

      The Delaware River meanders gracefully down to the sea by journeying through the magnificently forested hills of The Catskills Mountains first. A lonesome train track follows it's meanderings, also heading south to the sea. I was 14 years old when I first climbed Seminary Hill and saw this splendid sight.

      There was a 30-foot statue of Jesus Christ on a cross high up on Seminary Hill. The image was ghostly against blackening skies, even more so during lightning storms. The Castle-like Seminary was spread out over the level acreage at the bottom of The Hill. Below the Seminary, lies the Town Of Callicoon and The Delaware River.

      I went way out of my way on a sunny day, about 6 or 7 years ago, to return to Seminary Hill, but I never anticipated the subsequent flood of emotions that resulted from looking down that river valley... and all of those years... again.

      Quite accidentally, not long after my return to Seminary Hill, a former seminarian from my class was put in touch with me, and even though we were once very close friends, I couldn't place him when we met again. He had none of the looks, characteristics, or mannerisms of the person that I once knew. He was kind enough to bring me up to date regarding fellow mates and such, but as he talked, I looked into his unfamiliar eyes and felt like I was back up on Seminary Hill, again... searching for the guy that I once knew.