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Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year Resolutions

Sarasota, Florida

Sunday morning. A new year. I'm thinking about buying an onion. Then we can make chicken and yellow rice.

I loaded three albums on the thumb drive this morning:

  • Nacho de la Rosa...a Spanish flamenco guitar player
  • Moody Blues
  • Quicksilver Messenger Service
 ...and go for a five mile hike past the chicken farm...

It's a nice combination of walking tunes. The flamenco album came directly from the artist who was playing by the fountain in the Royal courtyard in cost only a ten euro note...funny money.

I do have the new year resolutions. I hereby resolve to:
  • Speed up the rotation of the earth so that it completes  exactly 360 rotation days per sidereal year rather than the rather messy 365.242199 day system that currently exists. I suppose that the moons rotation should be slowed to exactly 30 of the new Firecloud days. All this would permit a more rational calendar of 60 6-day weeks, permitting the elimination of  Mondays entirely. Thirty days hath September...all the rest have thirty too...
  • Establish a unified world government (Note to self... buy more black helicopters).
  • Lose a few pounds. 
 The weather has been in the mid-seventies ( That's about 25 C for our English friends)....and it just started to rain. My printer ran out of magenta ink as I was trying to print the 4th quarter estimated tax return. That will require a long trip for another printer cartridge. Time to get that onion.

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