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Friday, 21 January 2011

The Calorie Game

Based on my age, gender, height and weight, I need to limit myself to 1500 calories a day to reach my target weight by August 23. The August 23 date is based mostly on a suggested minimum of 1500 calories for men (1200 for women) and the amount of weight I want to  lose. Apparently, I will lose 1.37 pounds a week if I stick to this limit.

An examination of what I ingest reveals wine to be the first big issue. A bottle is about 550 calories. I've been looking into some other things. A banana is about 120. A date is 23. A whole cup of broccoli is only 60 calories (unfortunately, two tablespoons of butter to season the broccoli adds another 200 calories).

I've found some microwave TV dinners that taste fairly good and range from 230 to 400 calories.

So I've got an ingestion  log now and I'm closely monitoring caloric intake. Too bad about the wine.

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  1. 3 [three] bottles of wine and your done for the day..... Bandit