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An irregular marking on the exterior of Native American pottery: usually resulting from burning fuel coming in direct contact with the vessel during firing

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

only a lifetime

Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina…

Was it Billy Pilgrim that came unstuck in time and space? Sometimes I feel that way too. There I am….Five years old and unable to untie my ice skates. I have to walk miles back home with my ankles twisted painfully.

The memories of years of places and people shout and compete for attention.

We’re in the Pisgah National Forest. …again. Today we saw a waterfall with Eastern swallowtail butterflies flitting in the mist. The butterflies like the mist.

It’s not first time for us or for the butterflies. You couldn't make up butterflies. Who could imagine laying little eggs that turn into fuzzy caterpillars that eat leaves and weave themselves into cocoons and then turn to mush and metamorphose into lovely butterflies that lay little eggs that turn into fuzzy caterpillars?

We left Baker Creek State Park in South Carolina two days ago. We went to dump the “black water” and “gray water” and nothing came out, which could be a very serious impediment to our future travels.

However, it turns that the only problem is that you can’t empty our tanks completely when the RV front is lower than the rear. The last time we saw these butterflies our motorcycle gas tank split a seam and I had to epoxy it with a miracle product called “JB Weld”.

This time, our GPS power supply fell apart and I had to steal a spring from a ball point pen to get it going again. We also lost a brake light bulb and the new floor pulled apart when we retracted the slides. We’re gluing it back, but it seems to be kind of a gremlin zone for mechanical things, studded with lots of mountains and waterfalls.

These worn down Appalachian mountains are thought to be a billion years old. The dinosaurs evolved and died out in the last 250 million. They don’t change much in a lifetime.

only a lifetime...

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