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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

My Real Name is ZaZa

Sarasota, Florida

Vivian Grace entered the world today at 2:25 PM, somewhere north of nine pounds. She is our seventh grandchild. We asked to be designated as "Zada" and "Bubbie", which are traditional Jewish names for grandfather and grandmother. Unfortunately, grandchild number one mangled that to "ZaZa" it goes.

You may wonder about Zada's new haircut. I asked for 1/2 inch, but my haircut lady was apparently mathematically challenged. When I visited Mom today, she asked if I had fallen asleep in the barber's chair.

I drove the van back from North Carolina after finishing the paint job on the new addition. I was pulled over in Waldo, Florida around midnight by an Alachua County sheriff's deputy. He was a nice young man who explained that my license plate light was out and that he was hoping that I had been drinking so that he could make his DUI quota. Waldo has always been known as a speed trap.

I'm not sure how it came up, but the young man kept me in a Wendy's parking lot for over an hour telling him stories about navigating in the Air Force. Apparently, he wanted to join the Air Force instead of the sheriff's department, but it is too competitive today. Back in the day, they were recruiting "Cat IV" airmen by the carload. Those are the ones that score in the bottom quartile of High School graduates on trainability tests.

He let me go after running my documents though the computer.

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