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Sunday, 18 January 2009

The Reunion Happens

Melbourne, Florida

Family reunions used to attract more people. We have a photo of a 1929 reunion in Ithaca, New York with about 80 in attendance. Mobility in the 20th century has fragmented American families. It's much harder to get a big attendance now. The 1929 photo shows Uncle Bert, staring out with James Dean's intensity and charisma.

My three cousins and I were all born within two months in 1943 while our fathers were in Europe or the Pacific. The three Robinson brothers and their little sister, my mother, all produced offspring before going overseas. This picture was probably taken 61 years and 23 days ago on Christmas day, 1947. I'm the handsome one on the left in both photos below.

We try to get together every five or ten years. Here we are again, yesterday, without the coyboy outfits. The cutie just to my right in both photos is cousin Kate. The strangest thing that happened to us was attending basic training in the Air Force at the same moment in 1963 and going together to see a movie at Lackland Air Force Base.

Jeff and Everett are to our right. We're all veterans, I think, like our fathers. My favorite niece came to the reunion. There is no one there near her age so we spend a long time playing darts, fooseball and talking. She's a sweetie and gives me a long hug at the breakfast after the reunion. That's Mom in the background. She's in the 1929 photo as well.

We managed to sqeeze in a trip to the Melborne Musuem of Art to see an Annie Liebowitz photo display of women. It was enough to make me feel very humble. I really liked the picture of Sigorney Weaver and the one of Oprah Winfrey. They didn't allow photograpy, so here is a picture of a plant growing outside the Melborne museum.

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  1. Nice....looks like you had a great time....j