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Friday, 11 April 2008

Wichita Museum of Art

Wichita, Kansas

There are 16 museums in Wichita listed in my Streets and Trips software. We have a day so I scribble the names and addresses of eight and we head downtown.

First stop: The Museum of art...a knock-out. I enjoyed it more than the day we spent in the Louvre.

I took about 75 pictures. They made me sign an agreement not to use flash, sell the pictures or take pictures of art on loan to the museum. Too bad. They had a great collection of Inuit scupture on loan.

It's a wonderful place in a lovely setting on the river.

One special feature is a very whimsical blown glass chandlier.

These mid-west cities are full of surprises.... on to the Coleman Camping Gear Museum and Factory Outlet..Then the World Treasures Museum. It's full of dinosaurs, pieces of the Berlin Wall, minerals, laughing Buddas, war stories and other are some pictures of Wichita.

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