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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Blanchard Caverns

Ozark National Forest, Arkansas

We're heading northwest this morning as soon as we can get organized. I've managed to set up the new satellite dish so Mrs' Phred can watch the tennis channel on the road. In Arkansas, the state bird is the Razorback Hog, a rough looking porker.

Yesterday we went to Blanchard Caverns in the Ozarks National Forest. It's the only cave system run by the U.S. Forest Service. I'd rank it right up there with Karchner Caverns, Carlsbad and Mammoth Caves. They do a good job with double airlocks and lights that only go on when there is a tour group to see something.

We tried to take a shortcut on a US Forest dirt road, but had to double back when roads that were on my GPS proved to be elusive.

We had lunch on the White River. Trout fishing is very popular here. We visited a hatchery that releases 1,784,327 eleven inch trout into the local rivers each year. The hatchery and the caverns both prove that some of our tax money is well spent. Apparently at least one bureaucrat is devoted to counting trout....there's one!...There's another one.

We passed the little town of Calico Rock, population 991, high on a river bluff.

I was starting to worry about running out of gas, but we finally found a gas station.

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  1. I am offended that you would pick on someone's occupation to "count trout". Especially, since our government cares enough to employ someone to do it. What do you care if someone is paid to count trout? What do you care if he (or more likely a black female) is paid by small government? What do you care if our next president will be a cross between a black muslim and a liberal female liar? Well, I guess that is what you are doing by traveling this pathetic earth discovering things which should be at the fore front and NOT lost on well meaning retired travelers.....LOL
    Best Wishes, Love Bandit