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Sunday, 21 January 2007

Javelinas in the Snow

Sedona, Arizona - January 20, 2007

I was a little afraid to drive the Toyota this morning in the snow and ice so I walked a mile uphill on a nearby road to a "Red Rock" national forest trail without Mrs. Phred.

The trail had about three inches of fresh snow and no footprints. Walking back into the desert/forest, sounds seemed strangely muffled by the fresh snowfall. I could hear the snow crunch under my new waterproof Coleman hiking boots (made in China). Rabbit and coyote footprints were in one spot. The trail was hard to follow in the snow, but it was easy to backtrack to the bad turns by looking at my own boot prints.

Low-flying gray clouds swirled around the red rock spires all day. Tomorrow should be clear and sunny. I paid for two more days here hoping for some good sunny pix.

We went to see "Babel" with Brad Pitt later in the day. When I hit the brakes three inches of snow from the roof slid onto the windshield and blinded me. These are the things the don't teach in High School driver's education back in Florida. Next time I'll clear off the roof.

I walked outside in the early evening and saw three hairy black pig-like figures silhouetted and walking on the white snow behind the RV. A few minutes later I got a clear look at one in front of the RV in much better light. They were Arizona javelinas.

We went to the Desert Museum in Tucson last spring. I got some nice shots of rattlesnakes eating mice, javelinas, coyotes and lovely desert flowers in season...Come to think of it, javelinas clear up the mystery of the piles of scat filled with berries and dead birds we’ve been seeing on desert hikes. Of course…hairy pig omnivores like us.

I never bothered to make an album of those pictures because we went to the Pima Air Museum the same day and I was too excited about the airplane pictures. Here are a few belated spring desert pictures, including javelinas.

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