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Monday, 27 March 2006

Rock on, Mrs Robinson

Eisenhower State Park, Texas - 27 March, 2006

We decided to stay in Arkansas a few extra days to help Paul with his front porch. The porch floor is made from 2 inch thick maple salvaged bowling alley wood. It's durable and beautiful. There are 6 x 6 posts every eight feet (twelve of them) which he plans to clad in cedar. We installed the last twenty 2x4 rafters for the porch to support the tongue and groove pine siding ceiling.

It was painstaking and slow work, making sure that each piece is exactly parallel to the next and that all pieces are level at any given height on the expanse, which has a gentle slope and changes from a ten foot to eight foot expanse and back again and negotiates two 45 degree turns. Here are some Arkansas pictures.

Paul has a geocache out at a place called Robinson's Point. He says I can get some nice pictures from there. A posting on his geocache site says the disposable camera that he left in the cache is fully exposed, so we take a 45 minute hike though the woods and change it out, after removing the rock hiding the cache. The camera is for people who find the cache to take their own pictures so Paul can post them to the geocache site. His hidden treasure site is called "Rock on Mrs Robinson".

Yesterday we left his house and drove though Northeast Arkansas on back roads and then down into Oklahoma and Texas to the Eisenhower State Park in Denison, Texas. This is Ike's birthplace. The park is on a big lake. They rent canoes and pontoon boats here.

Dallas is 80 miles to the South. We both want to see the Grassy Knoll, Dealy Plaza and the Texas Book Depository. That's going to involve driving the RV into a big city. I'm going to ask Mrs Phred where she was when she heard the news. We've been to his grave in Arlington

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