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Wednesday, 22 March 2006

Cross-Dresser Arrested in Pigeon Park

Mountain Home, Arkansas

We spend a few days cutting and installing pine siding on the front porch ceiling of Paul's new home. He's been building it for three years now and just moved in during February. The weather has been cold and wet with the threat of snow. The Crocuses have bloomed and gone.

The new Wal-Mart Sirius satellite radio has a channel called 'classic radio' that carries programmes from the 1940s: Jack Benny, The Lone Ranger, Hop-along Cassidy, Amos and Andy and The Shadow. I run it for three days and kill the van battery. I actually remember hearing one of The Shadow programs called 'Sabotage'.

Paul's son-in-law, an IT genius, gives me three seasons of Boston Law and five seasons of South Park on DVDs. They're in an AVI format so I download a free AVI player to my laptop.

The news in this small town (Pop. 11,012) is fascinating. The Baxter Bulletin comes each morning. A local man is being sought on charges of attempted murder (girlfriend) and arson. Coincidentally, his institutionalized brother attempted to break into the White House under the delusion that Clinton's daughter still lived there.

There is a nightly courtroom TV programm where local criminals are tried and sentenced on live TV. Most of them are convicted of passing bad checks. That's an automatic 60 days in this county. A few are sentenced to longer terms for cooking 'meth'. 'Meth' is a big problem in the rural parts of the US.

A man in a black dress, wearing false breasts, heavy make-up and high heels, was arrested in a local park. He was charged with felony possession of stolen license plates

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