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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Throwback Thursday?

Grand Tetons and West Yellowstone

It was 1969. I had completed my five years in the Air Force, flying back and forth to Viet Nam. I was 25 and Mrs. Phred was 24. I learned to make beer that year with an 18 percent alcohol content and put up 15 gallons. It struck me that a party might be fun and I issued an open invitation to anyone living in Tallahassee.

Three of my beers would stun you. Six would cause unconsciousness. I am told that over 100 strangers came to the party, including a prize winning poet. I was unconscious before the party began. In the morning, as the sun came up, there were 15-20 people passed out in the living room and in the bushes outside.

Mrs Phred helps with the driving on the trip from Alpine to West Yellowstone.

After Gunnison in Colorado, we drove up to Vernal, Utah for one night and then to Alpine, Wyoming just West of the Grand Teton. The Tetons are always photogenic.

The best part of our RV park is that it's four miles outside of Alpine so I got to do several eight mile hikes in the morning....I bought a cowboy hat in the local tack store.

A Dam in the Teton National Park.

This bird was on my morning walks.

After three days in Alpine, we moved up to West Yellowstone. We're staying in a place where Idaho, Montana and Wyoming converge.

These horses were on my walk in Alpine.

We went on a five mile hike at 8,000 feet today. We went up to Cascade Lake.

In the morning we will do some whitewater rafting in Montana on the Gallatin River.

A Selfie....

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