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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Pigeon River Whitewater Rafting

Hartford, Tennessee

 They advertise this raft trip as class III and IV rapids. It's about an hour and a half. I haven't smelled so much raw armpit BO in years, but the raft trip was lovely and exciting anyway.

100 feet after we put in, we hit a rock sideways and the girl next to me went into the river. It's a strange crew of five young overweight young women, Mrs. Phred, myself and an overweight female guide.

Our guide does a terrible job of giving rowing directions. We spend most of the trip floating backwards and sideways, getting stuck on rocks and losing people overboard.

 About 15 minutes downriver we hit a class IV rapid sideways and four of our seven rafters end up in the river. I extend a paddle to Mrs. Phred and pull her back on board. She loses one of her new tennis shoes.

 It's a wonderful hour and a half...very beautiful and full of excitement.

It takes an hour to drive back to the RV over remote rustic roads. We stop at a graveyard to eat the lunch I packed and listen to The Platters, Dave Bruebeck, Lightning Hopkins, Blind Mellon and the is good...

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