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Friday, 3 May 2013

Setubal and Sesimbra Portugal

We leave Evora and head for the white sand beaches just South of Lisbon. Saturday we'll catch the semi-finals of the Portugal Tennis Open and then head back to Lisbon Sunday morning. We'll do the aquarium and catch the subway down to the Alfama District for Fado music and dinner. Monday we'll move on to Istanbul.

In the port city of Setubul, we find a man with a sailboat who takes us alone for a slow two hour cruise of the local waters. He pours a glasses of the local Muscatel.

This is a casino just South of Sebutal. It can be reached by taking a ferry. The beaches are very nice here, but I think the water is still cold.

Back in the 1970s, I used to pay $200 and hour for repairs and gas to operate  my own boat. That would be about $800 in today's dollars. Plus I had to wash and clean the boat after every trip. Today's excursion was relatively dirt cheap.

In the afternoon we move on to Sesimbra on  Atlantic Coast. This is our hotel. Right now Mrs. Phred is having a glass or two of wine on the roof. Maybe I'll join her when I finish this blog.

We've been eating a big lunch in a local restaurant every day and then maybe nibbling some bread and cheese or something from a pastellaria in the evening. Sesimbra is very nice with lots of old narrow alleys and dozens of local and also touristic style places to east.

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  1. this place looks really wonderful...and it looks like you are among the rich and famous boating all around...nice white sand....SIL