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An irregular marking on the exterior of Native American pottery: usually resulting from burning fuel coming in direct contact with the vessel during firing

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Thoughts about Snakehead Sausage

You can't stay home in Kansas if you want to try snakehead sausage or snakehead soup. When you try it in Thailand they put so much spice in it that it burns your mouth.

The snakeheads have invaded several Virginia lakes and rivers. People put them in their aquariums and then turn them loose when they get to be too big to keep. It's sort of like the pythons that are eating everything in the Everglades..

The snakeheads are good competitors and can actually slither over land for a distance to colonise other lakes and rivers. Here's a plateful....

We are trying to decide what to do after April. We still have a couple of continents to visit. We both agree that we want to keep our old Toyota with 110,000 miles on the odometer. Neither of us has much enthusiasm for getting tied down to a "stick" home. We like spending winters in a warm RV park and traveling during the Spring and Summer.

So maybe we'll explore Australia, Hawaii and New Zealand in May and June? I've sort of priced out some "nested" round trip tickets. Not too bad.  Maybe they have kangaroo burgers down under? It'll be fall there....


  1. sounds like a good plan to me...I have a young friend in New Zealand you can say hi to....sil

  2. Dont forget to visit an Outback Steakhouse while in Australia! lol

  3. We ate kangaroo steaks and emu burgers, both very good and lean. If you get there, try it! And by the way, there wasn't any Outback Steakhouses while we were in A.U. for the year. Australia has never heard of a bloomin' onion...

  4. Does Phred work here anymore?